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How to do foreplay: Follow these 5 tips to get heavenly happiness

 Nowadays, almost all couples have different kinds of unrest. But the major cause of all unrest is the lack of love for each others. It has been found that most couples are not satisfied with their sex life. The role of foreplay is immense in getting extreme satisfaction during sexual intercourse. Today we will discuss how to foreplay and how to get the full satisfaction of sexual intercourse.

The important points discussed in this post are:

  • What is foreplay?
  •  Foreplay method

Let's take a look.

What is foreplay? 

Many people may not know what is foreplay? Foreplay is the initial stage of orgasm. Don't you understand? Orgasm is the last step of sexual intercourse. Orgasm is the only way to get real sexual happiness and the initial stage of this orgasm is foreplay which does not complete the orgasm or the

extreme satisfaction of sexual intercourse.
How to do foreplay? Simply put, foreplay is when your partner touches different parts of the body just before sexual intercourse and arouses sexual excitement with love. Extreme sexual pleasure is obtained through foreplay.

Now many are wondering how to foreplay? Or is there a special method?
Yes, of course there are some special methods of foreplay that will bring you and your partner heavenly happiness.

Foreplay method

But a boy will not always arouse his partner. A girl also needs to arouse her partner equally. This means that both have to do foreplay to get the full pleasure of sexual intercourse.

Not everyone has the same sexual arousal. Someone gets excited with a little hug and kiss and again it takes a long time for someone to get excited. But whatever she is, she needs to be foreplay properly to get complete sexual satisfaction. 

Here are 5 tips on how to do foreplay:

1. Do not touch the genitals directly in the first place. First, pull your partner to your chest and hug him. And kiss her on the forehead. Let him know how important he is to you.

2. Then you kiss her on the lips for a long time and ask your partner to cooperate equally. Continuing love with each other. 

3. Then you can kiss your partner all over the body. However, you must touch or kiss in a few special places. Such as:

Ear lobes - You can gently kiss the ear lobes and touch them with the tongue. But don't forget to put your tongue in your ear, it can be the opposite.

Neck and throats - This is one of the foreplay methods. Gently kiss and touch your partner's neck and throats.

Back - Kiss your partner's open back full of love.

Abdomen - Kiss all over the abdomen, you can lightly massage the abdomen with your hands. But the most important thing is to touch your partner's navel around and inside your navel as much as possible with your tongue.

Toes - Kiss your partner's toes. Moreover, touch the toes with the tongue and if necessary, you can also caress the toes inside the mouth.

4. Then an important part of foreplay is to caress your partner's breasts.
First, gently press your partner's breast with your hand and keep stroking around the breast with your finger. Then touch the breast with the tongue. However, do not touch the nipple first. First touch around the breast with the tongue and then gently touch the nipple.

This method can be done not only by boys, but also by a girl with her partner.

5. Then both men and women can touch each other's genitals with their hands and tongues. If necessary, you can take into your mouth. There is nothing to be ashamed of. But yes, before doing this, you must clean both the genitals well.

If you follow this method, your sex life will be happy and marital life will be happy.

Hope you understand how to do foreplay properly. Subscribe to our newsletter to get more such information. If anyone has any questions, please comment in the comment box below. Thanks!


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